Balkan Monumental 9 Trail

is a unique regional tourism product presenting the rich cultural heritage of the WW2 monuments in the Western Balkan economies. Exploring these destinations is an exciting experience for all those willing to dig deeper and learn more about the Balkan history and present. The selected 9 locations abound with still hidden treasure worth revealing: cultural diversity, beauty of the nature, historic narrative, colossal architectural designs, traditional and fine artistry, recreational routs and certainly the local culinary specialties.

The Balkan Monumental 9 Trail explores the following destinations:

1) Kozara Monument in Prijedor, 

2) Battle of Neretva Memorial in Jablanica, 

3) Partisan cemetery in Mostar ( Bosnia and Herzegovina, 

4) Sremski Front memorial park in Sid  

5) Kadinjaca Monument site in Uzice 

6) Bubanj Memorial park in Nis ( Serbia), 

7) Trebjesa Memorial site near Niksic (Montenegro), 

8) Brezovica Monument (Kosovo*) 

9) Makedonium in Krusevo (North Macedonia).

This Balkan regional trail thus offers a wide range of different themes of interest for the visitors willing to take up a challenge of discovering the hidden treasure across this region: from architecture and landscape to history and European heritage, diverse cultural and religious influences at the crossroad of civilisations, from tangible and intangible heritage, contemporary cultural and artistic practice, from cultural tourism and sustainable cultural development. 
This user friendly virtual tour contains images and impressions of the young (and not so young) enthusiasts, local greeters and volunteers, professional guides who visited all the sites ( in June and July 2020) and experienced the beauty of the spectacular architectural designs, the memorable scenery and cultural heritage of the locations surrounding them. Equally important is the (Intearctive) map with the description of the monuments’ current condition, tourist services offered and exact instructions how you can find the locations that serve here as a kind of trip advisor.

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