Local food as a cultural tourism

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Tradition and folklore cherished in the area of Kozara monument are specific songs that belong to intangible cultural heritage called „ojkaca“, while many different old customs, story - telling and local cuisine are kept from going into oblivion by the people living in villages of Potkozarje. 
Thanks to a rich natural heritage of the Kozara mountain, one can drink the most delicious and healing teas made from a variety of herbs that can be picked on the slopes and meadows and in deep forests of this magnificent mountain.

Traditional culinary specialties of Kozara and Potkozara region are different pies made with cheese, kajmak, herbs, meat while the most popular are - cicvara, omač, bunjgur, uštipci with kajmak .
For cold days, there are slow cooked specialties like dishes with cabbage and meat usually cooked in hot clay pots in open fire, beans and meat known here as podvarak, prebranac and many delicious stews that strengthen the soul and body.

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