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The small town of Krusevo has a long tradition regarding the home made food. Going back through the centuries those people are famous for unique recipes and convenient food products.
Krusevo offers a variety of tasty food: “turshija”, “krusevska salad”, “taratur”, “macedonian kebap”, “krusevo sausage”, “krusevo chomlek”, “gravche tavche”, “sarma”, “ajvar”, “filled paprika”, “celuvki”, “lokum” are one of many local specialty in this town and country. 
“Turshija” is a specialty which consist a brine mix of vegetables kept in a jar. It comes usually in a combination with macedonian white cheese. “Krusevska salad” is a combination of sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, onion and paprika topped with macedonian white cheese. 

One of the main symbols of the town is “Krusevo pie”, pastry often stuffed with cheese, spinach or sometimes meat. The most common appetizer is “taratur” - traditional macedonian liquid salad made of yogurt, cucumber, garlic and walnuts. 

Among the country’s dishes of Turkish origin is the macedonian kebab (minced piece of grilled beef meat) and krusevo chomlek (prepared only with beef, onions and prunes with a bit of sweet taste.

On the other hand, from the ethno food it is crucial to mention “gravce tavce” prepared with macedonian beans, “filled paprika” filled with meat and rise, “sarma” household food with minced meat mixed with rice and rolled in cabbage. Those are the dishes that you could find in every traditional restaurant.

People from Krusevo are also known for making a special krushevo recipe producing a unique local sausage variant called “krusevo sausage” and making the home made marmalade from cherries and peaches. Macedonian specialties include also “ajvar” - a sauce made from sweet red peppers and used as a side dish.
A very old specialty of “pitulici” is known in this country. It is a a thin moist pancake fried on both sides on ceramic pan. It is overflowed with previously crushed garlic and sprinkled with chopped walnuts.Crunchy and white, traditional and delicious “Celuvki” are sweets made from egg whites and sugar. They are served with coffee.

Introduced during Ottoman rule of the Balkans “lokum” has remained to be very popular. In Krusevo it is usually made with gel of starch and sugar as a base, cut in small cubes, dusted with icing sugar to prevent clinging. It is commonly served as a sweet while drinking coffee and the walnut flavour is the most common type of lokum here.

Of course it is important to mention that from 2018 there is a traditional three-day festival for food “Taste Krusevo”. It shows great potential for the local tourism. There are gastronomy competition and  tasting the traditional specialties from the town.

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