Local Craftsmanship as Intangible Cultural Heritage

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Village Zlakusa and ethno park Terzića avlija

This is a village that has a soul and color, tradition and youth. It attracts with clean air, preserved nature, forests housing delicious mushrooms, meadows full of berries and medicinal herbs, with about fifteen fishponds with trout along the river Pećnica.

Zlakusa is well known as the village of potters, because a large number of households are engaged in this traditional craft. In the village itself, at any time of the year, you can buy Zlakusa clay pottery, which is famous for its quality. And not only buy, but also see on the spot how the dishes are made of clay mixed with a binder material of ground calcite.

The village is also known for its interesting manifestations. In August, the Ethno Park "Terzića avlija" hosts the Festival of Original Creativity, known as "Zlakusa in song and dance". In autumn, when the forests get a golden color and the orchards are full of red apples, a cultural and artistic event, a pottery and art colony. It was exactly here in Terzica avlija where we had the best ever domestic coffee (known also as Turkish coffee) with icy cold fresh water from the nearby springs and certainly the sweet delight.

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