Local Craftsmanship as Intangible Cultural Heritage

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Various traditional craftsmanship products which, by their form, representing genuine folklore and tradition of this region have a special value in the promoting the tourist destination, whilst the wool items especially stand out with their colorful design and patterns.

A unique wool processing factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina still exist in Prijedor with the authentic production process. The wool yarn is used for traditional home crafts, making garments, as well as for weaving the decorative carpets.

Life in rural areas of Podkozara during the winter months inspires the local artisans also for wood carving and especially for making wooden cutlery which most households made for their own needs. Some carved the wood sculptures and figures of outstanding personalities from various historic epochs, such as Njegoš or Tito, as well as Stojanka mother Knežopoljka, a heroine from a poem by Skender Kulenović that testifies of the horrors of the Kozara epic during the World War II.

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