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Craftsmanship has always been inseparable part of Krusevo. It is very interesting that in the center of the city you can find the Bazaar. This old Bazaar is made up of a series of small craftsmen and trade shops. Although they have been many more in the past, the tradition of the old crafts like goldsmith, cobbler, cooper-smith, tinker and other are still present these days. The men here have their shops and they are still working as barrel-makers, wood-carvers, copperplate-carvers, tailors, carpenters and bakers. 

It is interesting the story from the past about the old foundry which is connected to Ilinden uprising and the Ottoman rule. It was hidden house in the basement, where people made the bullets for the guns of the macedonian revolutionists. In the fireplace the cooper fist was melted and then it was put in mold in different sizes to produce the bullets. Very smart invention was actually the way the munition was given to the revolutionists. Usually old women under the excuse to fill water, were transmitting the munition hidden under their traditional clothes. Nobody from the Otomans suspected the old women. Another way of transmitting the munition was through wooden planks on which there was bread. 

While visiting Krusevo it is inevitable part to visit the barrel-master of this town - grandpa Mile. He is the fifth generation of the family that has been crafting these handmade barrels. Meeting this wonderful person will not only allow you to see how barrel crafting works, but also to have the opportunity to listen some of the stories from back in the days. For example the story of how the old neighbour was blacksmith and had his own forge. The ancestors of grandpa Mile and the ancestors of his neighbour were the ones who made the legendary cherry cannon. 

In Krusevo they are also trade shops where you could find different types of crochet items like tablecloths, towels, braid laces, wall runners and pillow cases.Ornamentation principles for example for tablecloths are similar to the ones used in woodcarving and pottery – a sequence of zigzags in red, golden, blue and black colors. For many years, people have used natural, growing nearby, materials - such as straw, reed mace or osier - to make their living more comfortable. Even today, in some villages of Krusevo these materials are still applied in house construction and making household items, such as baskets.

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