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Partisan Cemetery, Mostar Region

Partisan Cemetery, Mostar Region

Blagaj - Buna spring
One of the most beautiful river springs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the spring of the river Buna, can be found only twelve kilometers from Mostar. The Buna spring is one of the strongest karst river springs with an annual flow of 43m2/s. The spring is located under a stone cliff which is over 200 m high. A Sufi tekke was built in close vicinity to the spring and makes for a very beautiful and interesting complex with its surroundings. The water springs from a 15-meter wide cave. Diver-explorers have concluded that the subterranean flow of the Buna spring is around 200 meters long. The Buna river water is crystal clear and very cold during summer days. 

ZIP LINE and cycling
If you are looking for adventure, Mostar will not disappoint you. One of the key adventure and recreational locations is certainly the sports and adventure park Fortica, which is located on the Fortica hill east of Mostar on a 500 m altitude. The main attraction of the sports and adventure park "Formica" is the 570 m long ZIP LINE, which offers a fantastic view of Mostar. This locality is also ideal for mountain cycling with several tracks. The Velež Mountain, on which more than 200 km of forest tracks have been mapped out, which can be used for mountain cycling, is also not far. 

Other than that, 25 km from Mostar is the mountain village Ruišta, which is the starting point for mountaineers who want to climb onto Prenj, a beautiful mountain with certain peaks that pass 2000 km (the highest peak is Zelena glava, which reaches 2155 meters elevation). During winter, the village, with its skiing tracks, welcomes many fanciers of winter sports, while during the summer it becomes the ideal getaway from the unbearable Herzegovinian heat. Another peculiarity of this place is an endemic pine tree, the famous Bosnian pine (locally known as Munika), and the exceptionally clear nature surroundings.

In case you prefer water sports more, you have the opportunity to experience the excitement of rafting through the heart of Mostar. The tour "Story of five bridges" offers the possibility of getting to know the city through a unique perspective by rafting on the playful Neretva River through the entirety of Mostar. Known for its emerald color, the Neretva splits the city into two banks connected with five bridges. The most famous of them, a UNESCO protected culture monument, is the Stari most (Old Bridge). Through this activity you will not only enjoy the special city sightseeing, but you will also hear the story of five bridges — a special story about Mostar, its rich culture and turbulent past. Local guides will tell you about the city from the very beginning, from the recent war to the contemporary life in Mostar. Along the way you will enjoy in cultural heritage monuments and in locations which hide the true identity of the city of Mostar. 

Jumps off the Old Bridge
The Diving from the Old Bridge is an annually held manifestation which is known all across Bosnia and Herzegovina and farther. The importance of diving from the Old Bridge is best shown through the sentiment of the people of Mostar that says that you are not from Mostar if you do not jump from the Old Bridge once during your life. Until now, the annual diving has been held 447 times, where 50 to 100 divers from Bosnia and Herzegovina participate. However, in the recent years more and more participants from the surrounding countries and the rest of Europe come surely because of the legend of the dive from the Old Bridge and the importance of it. The manifestation is divided into two categories — head first dives and leg first dives. Veteran's dives for showcase are take place as part of the manifestation. Other activities with the goal of promoting Mostar and Bosnia and Herzegovina are also organized along the manifestation.

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