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Sremski front

Sremski front

Just some 15 km from the monastery Privina Glava, along the road lined with oak trees turning gradually into a thick forest hiding the Morovic Hunting ground known for at least three things from its past and present worth to remember: this was the place where Tito, the president of the former Yugoslavia, used to spent some of his leisure time, this is the place for hunting the wild boars and this is the place for horse riding. The “Roe Deer” Villa built for Tito, but too late for him stay there, the restaurant “Kosuta” with the terrace overlooking the bungalows are ideally located on the green meadows and in the forest surrounded by three rivers – Danube, Sava and Bosut. One can hear the silence of the past and reminiscence of the late seventies while visiting the presidential suites and conference rooms. Hiking, bird watching, horse riding or sightseeing on the horse ridden carriage that the visitors, especially those who do not like hunting, can enjoy.

Farmers and agricultural producers in villages Erdevik and in nearby Berkasovo like the idea to get together every year and organise traditional food and wine producers fairs: distributors and lovers of Sremski kulen (local name for spicy sausage), home made meat specialties: ham, sausages. They are usually joined by local wine producers who offer famous Erdevic wines, while the housewives bring out and display cheeses, honey, cakes and other delicacies. These festivities usually last for weekends when lots of visitors and tourists arrive for food and wine tasting. 

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