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\Nikšić with its breathtaking surroundings, a „wild beauty“ landscape dominated by several landmarks – mountains Prekornica, Maganik and Vojnik and the rivers Zeta, Bistrica, and Gračanica as the most attractive natural beauties is a perfect destination for active sport and nature lovers to enjoy various recreational activities and spectacular sightseeings. Climbing and mountaineering are perhaps the most popular leisure activities in this area and only to mention that some of the most attractive moderate alpine climbing trails are Gackove grede (5,68 miles), Lukavica (6,21 miles) and Ostrvica (3,22 miles). 
Apart from the Trebjesa hillside and parks which is the most popular destination for walkers and hikers, Niksic wider surroundings offers a wide range of opportunities for the mountain bikers to experience the trails easy to reach and well marked. Along the trails one can visit and stay in mountain cottages (katuni) well equipped and comfortable for taking a break. Local greeters specifically mention the mountain Vojnik and say that those who once visit this mountain, are happy to come back. The hiking and walking tour envisages a tour of three beautiful shepherd's settlements, a walk through thick pine forest, and for the mountaineers willing to climb on the top of Vojnik, a spectacular view of two thirds of Montenegro is surely an adventure to experience. Mount Vojnik covers an area of 138 km2, which is about 1% of the territory of Montenegro; it is 17 km long and up to 8 km wide. In the multitude of peaks over 1,500 m above sea level (48 in total), the southwestern part of the mountain stands out, where the highest peaks are grouped. In that part is the highest peak - Vojnik 1,998 m above sea level.

The beginning of the trail is from the main road Nikšić - Jasenovo polje - Šavnik, near the house of Vukotić (5 km from the turn for Šavnik). In the immediate vicinity of the house there is a sign on a tree that marks the beginning of the marked path to the top of Vojnik. The trail goes to the left of Vukotić's house and initially passes through a sparse beech forest next to the barn, auxiliary facilities and fields, through Vukotić's meadow. It continues through a lower oak and beech forest, partly along a forest road, meadows and meadows leading to Vioč dol, a spacious meadow a few hundred meters long. 

For the bikers and campers perhaps an ideal destination is Captain’s lake (Kapetanovo jezero), one of many glacial lakes in this area, located at an altitude of 1,678 meters above sea level with some 35 m deep clear blue waters, and the fishermen’s paradise. According to a legend, a captain from Niksic, named Musovic had a katun at the lakeside and would often stay here enjoying the nature’s beauty in solitude. Every night, fairies would gather in secret, release the spring water to bathe and drink clear spring water. Before dawn, they would close the spring until the next night and a new gathering. But one night they forgot to close the spring whose waters flooded the Captain’s katun and the surrounding valleys. Then the fairies moved the spring lower, below the surface of the flooded water, so that the water would supply the newly formed lake. This story of Captain’s lake is just a legend, until one catches a glimpse of magical blue waters surrounded by green meadows and a stunning mountain range, when suddenly this legend turns into reality.

For ski lovers, Vučje ski centre, only 20 km from Nikšić at an altitude of over 1300 m, becomes a magical mountain covered with snow in winter, while the magical colours of spring, summer and autumn leave unforgettable impressions of beautiful landscapes. In addition to the mountain lodge-motel, restaurant with local cuisine, skiers and athletes have at their disposal 4 ski slopes and areas suitable for other winter sports, hiking and mountain biking: Morakovo, Krnovo, Vojnik and areas close to Durmitor mountain. 
In the vicinity of Nikšić there are numerous natural and artificial lakes, including Lake Krupac, better known as the “Nikšić Sea”, only 5.5 km west of the city and is one of the most beautiful resorts in Nikšić. The lake is located at an altitude of 600 m, the length of the lake is 2.5 km and the width is 2.8 km. Clear lake water, plenty of fish, well-maintained beach, spacious fields on one side, and picturesque mountainous slopes on the other, make the lake attractive and suitable for recreation, for organizing many sports competitions, music events, water sports and of course fishing.

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