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The good climate and snow cover from November to May means it’s ideal for skiing and makes it one of the most popular ski centers in Kosovo*. 
In the summer the fresh air and plentiful sunshine provide ample opportunities for hiking, foraging and mountaineering.
Brezovica is part of the Sharr Mountain National Park, the protected habitat of many plant and animal species. 
Think - centuries-old forests, lush meadows and endless pastures filled with mountain flowers and herbs. 
In fact, many of these plants, such as the Sharr Mountain mullein, can only be found here.
In this wonderful exhibition of the natural world you’ll find yourself surrounded by 200 bird species, 45 reptilian and amphibian species, 32 species of mammal and 147 different species of butterfly.
Sharr Mountain is also known for the native Sharri's dog, a livestock-guarding dog renowned for its courage and strength.
Brezovica is also a favorite spot for hunting and fishing aficionados, as it’s filled with lakes, mountain streams and rivers rich in trout, as well as game, most notably chamois, bear, lynx and western capercaillie.
With ski slopes catering for all different skill levels, Brezovica offers skiing at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level. 
The ski slopes have an average length of 3000 meters – the trickier slopes proving popular with more hard-core skiers.
And when the snow gives way to sunshine, visitors can still embrace the outdoors by enjoying mountain biking down the asphalt and gravel roads, hiking and foraging for herbs and fruit. And for those looking to enjoy a little culture, excursions are organized daily to the many historical monuments in the area. 
Around Brezovica, many different types of plants, food and herbs grow naturally in the fields. 
People would go hiking up into the mountains very often to find these ingredients such as bear garlic and thyme to cook with. 
There would be small sections where certain foods exist which requires local knowledge and experience to find effectively.
Combined with this is the practice of hunting certain animals. 
Small game is the most common size of animal which can be hunted for example hares and birds, plus larger game which can include animals such as the roe deer and boars for food.

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